Kitchen, Bathroom, Remodeling, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Florida
Kitchen & Bath Expo. Superior cabinets at discount prices. Fort Myers, Southwest Florida

Custom Cabinet Panels - Luxe

Luxe Cuzco

Luxe Fantasy Colors

Luxe Metallo

Luxe Oriental

Luxe Pearl Effect

Luxe Solid Colors

Luxe Textil

Luxe Woodgrain

Custom Cabinet Panels - Syncron

Syncron Anniversary Oak

Syncron Art Oak

Syncron Como Ash

Syncron Evora

Syncron Frappe

Syncron Ice

Syncron Ida

Syncron Muratti

Syncron Olmo

Syncron Oxid

Custom Cabinet Panels - Zenit

Zenit Metaldeco

Zenit Supermatt

Cava Doors

CAVA DOORS are designed to meet the traditional look but using the advanced surfaces ZENIT and SYNCRON. By doing so we achieve a varied offer of textures and finishes, but also big range of formats with 3, 5, 7 and 9 piece doors.

Cava Supermatt

Cava Texture

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